Red Rocker Candy in Top 10 in "My Story. My Ad." Contest

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Preliminary Results Show "Sustaining Joy" 3rd in People's Choice contest!  The Judges' Panel Grand Prize Winner Will Be Announced August 4.

Sue Charney accepted the challenge to share the Red Rocker CandyTM story in 200 words or less for a chance at winning a personal ad and marketing campaign valued at $15,000. 

"Writing about the joy that inspired founding my company and my continual joy from making candy and watching people enjoy it was the easy part," said Sue Charney.  "The real challenge was spreading the word and garnering enough votes to rise to the top among a large pool of colleagues... I've been overwhelmed by the support that took us into 9th place among 143 entries!"

The Judge's Panel Choice Winner will be selected based upon creativity, originality, relevance to the Specialty Food Association brand, passion, quality of craft, how well the photo conveys the story, plus presence expressed in a 30-60 second video. The prize is a personal ad and marketing campaign.   The People's Choice Winner will be chosen by the general public and will win an I-Pad.  Winners will be announced August 4.

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