The NEW Store is Open!

We're now at the other end of the parking lot, on the corner of Better Living Drive and Industrial Way, and the store entrance is through the door at the side patio.

Candy production will resume as we get the equipment moved and connected and our ingredients re-stocked.  The new location has a glass front, so production will be visible through the windows and front doors.  There will also be a view of production from within the new Factory Store.

We will take a break from selling Virginia Wines until we complete the process to get an ABC license for the new address.

"You'd walk a country mile for our mix!"TM

7 oz. cans by the case, so you won't run out!  Only $6.75 per can and the current batch is good until next February.

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Summer is a great time to kick back and relax, travel, and spend time visiting family and friends.  A great snack for summertime fun is Rocking Chair Mix® -- an extraordinary blend of cereals, pretzels, and roasted almonds each coated with layer upon layer of creamy, smooth white chocolate. It's sweet, it's salty, it's crunchy, it's nutty.  This perfect combination of flavors and textures is satisfying to eat and always welcome as a gift! 

Make sure your summer plans include a scenic drive to Troy in Fluvanna County.  It's worth the trip to visit the Red Rocker Candy Factory Store and enjoy samples while you shop, Tuesday-Saturday, 10 to 6.

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Our Factory Store is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 - 6.


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